Weckerly’s Ice Cream Sandwich


Weckerly's Ice Cream SandwichRun, don’t walk to pick up this local favorite from Weckerly’s – the seasonal “Snacktime” Ice Cream Sandwich. Featuring milk chocolate ice cream and a healthy dollop of peanut butter and caramel sandwiched between two chewy oatmeal cookies. To make it even better, the cookies are wheat-free!

All of Weckerly’s ice cream sandwiches are handmade weekly right at their creamery located on Girard Avenue in Philadelphia. They always focus on sourcing as many of their ingredients locally. They believe strong local food systems are so important to sustainability and social goodness. We couldn’t agree more!

Ice cream is not just a product, but a passion. Not only do they make all of their own ice creams, but they also pasteurize the milk, cream, eggs, and sugar themselves. There is certainly a lot of heart in every ice cream sandwich. We hope you can taste the love! Try one for an after-dinner dessert or, as the name suggests, for a midday snack.

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