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The gut is the body’s center of industry. It’s where food is broken down into the building blocks of life; we are what we eat, and what we eat goes through our gut. Clearly, that’s why gut health is so crucial. Without a properly functioning gut, all of our bodies’ other processes are impaired. Pre pro and post biotics combine for the greatest wellness in new microbiome formulas.

If the gut is a factory, gut bacteria are the workers. Inside you right now are untold billions of helpful microfauna – in fact, by volume, there are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells. These little passengers work around the clock, helping to break down the food we eat. Without them, we simply could not digest many of the foods we eat.

That’s why a healthy gut microbiome is so important. Happy workers equal a happy gut! Combining delicious prebiotics to feed your probiotics, along with postbiotics, creates a unique start-to-finish experience for your gut flora microbiome. Each probiotic with a prebiotic blend is unique so read on.


Probiotics for any Occasion

One of the best ways to maintain optimal gut fauna is to ingest probiotics. These are living colonies of helpful bacteria like the ones in your gut. When consumed, these bacteria move right in alongside the existing bacteria, boosting your overall levels of beneficial microfauna and supporting gut health.

Get your gut health back on track and support overall wellbeing with digestive-focused probiotics with prebiotics. Combine pre, pro, and postbiotics with herbs and adaptogens to support total health. Each bottle features PreforPro, a patented prebiotic blend that contains bacterial macrophages. Phages (for short) pave the way for incoming probiotic bacteria, ensuring they are able to flourish and grow.

Prebiotics and postbiotics are also helpful for maintaining gut health. Prebiotics are typically fibers that gut bacteria consume, leading to higher populations of beneficial bacteria. However, because PreforPro isn’t fiber or starch-based, it doesn’t cause digestive discomfort, bloating, or flatulence. Postbiotics are the natural compounds these bacteria produce – ingesting postbiotics can help maintain and support gut health.


Pre and Post with Your Probiotic

Calming Probiotics to Help Reduce Stress

Doctor Formulated Calm helps promote centered relaxation. 50 billion CFU (colony forming unit) across 14 different bacterial strains. Look for clinically-studied l. paracasei in this one-per-day formula to help reduce stress. In addition, this formula features an added 300 mg. of adaptogenic ashwagandha to support mood further.

Gas and Bloating Probiotics for Healthy Digestion

Do you experience occasional bloating throughout the day? Is excessive gas giving you pain and discomfort? Perhaps the correct friendly bacteria can help. This formula contains B. Lactis HN019, shown in studies to help relieve occasional gas, bloating, and nausea. In addition, powerful PreforPro prebiotics help support and maintain a healthy gut environment.

Women’s pH Probiotics for Vaginal Health

Women’s pH contains 50 billion CFU of diverse probiotic strains like its counterparts. This includes L. acidophilus La-14 and L. rhamnosus HN001, which have been shown to help support vaginal pH and promote yeast and bacterial balance. A specially-formulated postbiotic blend also helps the bifidobacteria, the workers of the gut, grow and flourish.

30, 50, and 100 Billion Probiotics

Looking to get all the triple-action power of pre and post-probiotics? Look no further than probiotic capsules in various potencies: 30, 50, and 100 billion CFU. Each formula is packed with the good stuff, containing the same pre, pro and postbiotic blend as their fellows. Choose your dosage and pick the capsules that work best for you.


Looking to take your gut health more seriously from start to finish? Keep your microbiome firing on all cylinders with pre and post probiotics 3X action formula all in one.


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