5G Radiation Protection Phone Pouch


Shield Your Body from 99% 5G Radiation

In this day and age, it is near impossible to avoid having a cell phone. We use our phones for so many aspects of our lives that they have become essential items. However, the EMF radiation emitted by cell phones can be harmful. Fortunately, now there is a way to protect yourself from 5G radiation while still being able to carry your phone on you – The SYB Phone Pouch.

SYB 5g Protection Phone Pouch

How the SYB Phone Pouch Works

The SYB Phone Pouch is designed to shield your body from 99% of the radiation produced by cell phones. It does this by deflecting EMF radiation away from you. The pouch does not interfere with your phone’s signal or battery life because the shielding is only on one side.

A protective cell phone pouch constructed with a polyester fabric lining with a nickel/cobalt alloy on the rear side. The special lining creates an EMF shield that effectively blocks electromagnetic fields released by cell phones away from your body. Laboratory testing has confirmed that this technology offers 99% protection against 5G radiation. It’s comforting to know that SYB Phone Pouch offers reassurance when your loved ones have their cell phones on them.

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