Canter Hill Farm Sausages


Local Chicken, Turkey and Pork Sausages

We’re now offering natural chicken, turkey and pork sausages from Canter Hill Farm to meet your expectations of top quality. You’ll find locally produced Italian sausage from Heritage Pork or pastured turkey. You’ll also find chicken with feta or chicken with garlic and wine.


Each and every bird run on in pasture and enjoy an organic feed supplement the way natural poultry should be. This natural diet is soy-free and low in corn content. Only with the best diet do you get high-quality chickens and turkeys that produce the best tasting gourmet sausages. Is your family ready for this?


In regards to the pork sausage, the pigs forage in the forest and are fed produce scraps to supplement what they find on their own. These are unique Duroc Heritage breed pigs, one of the juiciest and tastiest. Modern intensive farming techniques are not hospitable to Heritage pork. However, the specialty porcine breeds thrive on small family farms such as Canter Hill Farm. As an illustration, think “heirloom tomatoes” only pork.


Wouldn’t you want your pork breakfast links to be special? Serve up eggs, coffee, toast, and the best, gourmet breakfast sausage links in our area.



Want to enjoy sausages but are concerned about the source? Get healthy, humanely-raised poultry and pork sausages with ingredients you can feel good about. Choose Canter Hill Farm Sausages. All sausages are sold in rope (link style) form.

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  • Chicken Garlic and Wine – Chicken, Chardonnay, Garlic, Parsley, Salt & Pepper in Pork Casings
  • Chicken Spinach and Feta – Chicken, Spinach, Feta, Salt & Pepper in Pork Casings
  • Turkey Mild Italian – Turkey, Fennel, Oregano, Salt & Pepper in Pork Casings
  • Pork Sweet Italian – Heritage Pork, Salt, Pepper and Fennel in Pork Casings
  • Pork Breakfast Links – Pork, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper in Collagen Casings

Behold! Simple, natural sausage ingredients produce maximum flavors, not to mention they’re free of antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, and MSG.

Local Sausages

Want to enjoy sausages but are concerned about the source? Choose Canter Hill Farm local sausages. Wayne and Jeannette Grabe founded Canter Hill Farm in 2008. Get ropes of natural sausages from just 25 miles away in Malvern. They are committed to caring for their many animals with an eye to ethical meats. Find these local gourmet selections in our freezer case.

Loving Canter Hill Farm? We have more selections of local meat from this local farm.

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