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Beyond Meat – Vegan Beyond Burgers

The Beyond Burger is a plant-based burger that makes your taste buds believe they’re eating meat – but it’s not really meat! It sure looks like a burger. It sizzles in the pan like a beef burger. Fill your mouth with satisfying, juicy Beyond Burger texture and flavor as you eat this burger made out of plants. How do they do that?

Plant-Based Patties

Cook up tonight’s Beyond Burger dinner of protein-rich plants yielding 20g protein in each patty. They do it without using soy, GMOs, or gluten so its healthy for you while providing a really positive impact on your energy for the day. Actually, it’s made primarily with peas. Cleverly, the burgers are adorned with beet juice to simulate the magic illusion of a true beef burger while going far beyond: juicy, mouth-watering, and delicious nourishment that “bleeds” red.

Healthy Burger

No animals were harmed in the creation of this joyous feast. This means that the Beyond Burger contains no cholesterol as only animal products have that. Ditto for added antibiotics and hormones: vegan burgers don’t have any. It’s a healthier choice for all humans who eat and have 270 calories (the burgers, not the human). Meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans will all flock to this harmless burger once it has been tasted.

Beyond Burger plant-based burger patties are sold in the frozen section at Martindale’s right near the Beyond Chicken Strips.


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8 oz

Does Not Contain

gluten, soy, GMOs