Edge Farms Rainbow Eggs

Rainbow Eggs a Colorful Delight

Discover the charm of Rainbow Eggs from The Edge Farms. The locally sourced eggs come from heritage breed hens that naturally lay eggs in various stunning colors. Beautiful shells range from brown and blue to green, pinkish, deep dark chocolate-brown, white, and cream-colored. But that’s not all! The yolks are vibrant orange and packed with flavor.

edge farms rainbow eggsUncover the History of Heritage Birds

Heritage breeds are a testament to our country’s farming history. Our farming ancestors raised these breeds for 100 to 200 years. Not only are they well-adapted to native climates, but they also serve the dual purpose of providing both meat and eggs. To be considered a heritage bird, it must meet strict criteria set by the American Poultry Association (APA) and the Livestock Conservancy. These birds mate naturally, possess genetic vigor, endure an outdoor production system, and reach market weight in at least 16 weeks. Their large bodies require more feed, space, and time, ensuring an exceptional egg. 


Bold, Vibrant Flavor

Beyond the beautiful shell colors, people adore heritage-breed eggs for their incredible flavor. The Edge Farms Rainbow Eggs are of the highest quality, with strong shells, blazing orange yolks, great taste, and nutrient density. The humanely raised birds roam freely and enjoy a diet rich in plants and insects. They receive supplemental feed with no added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids, ensuring a pure and delicious taste.


Pasture & Forest Raised Poultry

The Edge farmers believe birds should be free to scratch, peck, and roost. The pasture and forest-raised poultry thrive happily in their natural environments. In the summer, they enjoy the coolness of the woods with its dense leaf cover and fresh air. During the spring and fall, they roam the grass pastures, foraging for treats, bugs, and seeds. Their foraging diet, supplemented with non-GMO grains, provides extra vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

A study by Mother Earth News found that pastured eggs are nutritionally superior to store-bought eggs. Compared to commercial eggs, local pastured eggs contain less cholesterol and saturated fat and more vitamin A, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, Beta Carotene, and vitamin D. Whether you serve them for breakfast or in your favorite recipes, your family and friends will love the deliciousness of Rainbow Eggs.


Support Your Community – One Egg at a Time

Get the best Rainbow Eggs in town at Martindale’s! Skip the hassle of traveling an hour away and conveniently pick up a dozen here in Springfield on your next shopping trip. By opting for locally sourced eggs, you treat yourself and your family to a top-notch product and show your support for your community and local farmers.

Explore our cold case for a selection of colorful, non-GMO, forest, and pasture-raised Rainbow Eggs. One taste, and you’ll understand why the old-fashioned way is sometimes simply the best.