Reduce Stroke With Eggs

Easter Eggs and Stroke

Traditionally Easter is a time to consider (and decorate) the humble egg. It’s the season to consider new life from humble beginnings. Did you know consuming an egg each day can help you prevent getting a stroke?

Avoid Stroke with Eggs

The worn out misconception that eggs contribute to heart disease certainly does not apply in the lab! They compared people who ate up to one egg a day with those who ate fewer than two eggs per week. Guess what! The one-per-day crowd were deemed less likely to get a stroke!

The findings come from an international review of long-term follow-up studies from around the world: Japan, Australia, Spain, UK and the U.S. between 1982 and 2015. This was no small study.

Because eggs contain cholesterol, doctors have historically, and hysterically for that matter, debated their role in health, but the recent literature suggests that cholesterol from diet is not a health concern. Eggs are a rich source of essential fatty acids and protein. Nutrition found in eggs contributes to healthy hormonal balance in men and in women.

To decorate or not to decorate: that is the question. Either way be sure to add a daily fried, scrambled, poached or boiled egg to your Easter time diet. Then do it through the summer and into the fall. Do it every day if stroke is a concern because stroke is nothing to laugh at.


Reference: Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2016, Vol. 35, No. 8