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Have an Egg-cellent Day!

Friday, October 9th is Egg Day! Celebrated all over the world on the second Friday in October, this day of celebration came to be at the International Egg Commission conference in 1996. Its purpose is to…

ice cream

July Is National Ice Cream Month! Let’s Celebrate!

It’s hot, hot, hot – the perfect weather to cool off with America’s favorite summertime treat – ice cream! What better time to indulge in this delectable dessert than National Ice Cream Month! Whether you lick…

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Cannabis or Hemp: What’s the Difference?

Hemp History Week 2018 starts June 4th so let’s consider hemp. What do you think about when hearing the word “cannabis”? For many, what immediately comes to mind are mind-altering properties. Less often, people’s first associations…

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Prioritize Bone Health to Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone Health Basics Did you know that our bones continue to grow until we’re about 30 years old? When you reach this age, your bones will likely be the strongest and densest they’ll ever be. Bone…

happy diabetic woman

The Diabetes-Nutrition Connection

November is Diabetes Awareness month, a good time to take stock of ways you can prevent this debilitating disease or reduce its effects if you already have it. More than 30 million people in the United…

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Breast Cancer Nutritional Update

Breast Cancer Awareness Month reminds us to tune in to what we can do to help prevent breast cancer. Whether you’re primarily thinking of some special person in your life such as your mom, sister, or friend…

cacao or cocoa

Cacao or Cocoa?

You’re a chocolate lover. In honor of  National Dark Chocolate Day, we thought you may be interested in knowing which dark chocolate has the highest health benefits. We don’t mean the chocolate bar you may find at…

natural Gummy Worm Day

Celebrate National Gummy Worm Day

Celebrate National Gummy Worm Day! No need for icky food colorings and slimy ingredients you wouldn’t feed your dog. You and the kids can enjoy all natural gummies here: gummy bears and gummy worm omega 3.…