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Naturally Done Up

Read another blog post from our store’s founder, author Thomas Martindale from his many travels in the Upper Yukon around 1913. Then read today’s sequel. Here is a glimpse into women’s lives more than a hundred…


In Honor of Bill Martindale

Bill Martindale, a previous owner of Martindale’s Natural Market, has passed on to his eternal reward with his Lord Jesus Christ on November 18th, 2017.   With a lifetime of healthy choices, he lived to just shy of a hundred…


Memorial Service for Jim Martindale

Jim Martindale, a previous owner just short of a hundred years old, passed on March 19, 2017, to his eternal reward with his Lord Jesus Christ. He survived his sweet wife, Fran, by several years.   After…


Java Joe – Moving On

It’s been almost 20 years and Joe is retiring! You may know him as “the coffee guy” because his expertise with all things coffee has served our customers for many years. Joe, as the coffee buyer, has…


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Thomas Martindale on Wildwood

Thomas Martindale, founder of what is now known as the 1st U.S. health food store, was a prolific author, merchant, and hunter. He loved nature and writes of the Wildwood area 111 years ago: Few regions…


We’re Celebrating Retailer of the Year

Martindale’s Natural Market is thrilled to be one of two stores nationwide awarded Retailer of the Year. Enzymedica – The Enzyme Experts – granted this distinction last week in the form of a custom wall plaque and…

Thomas Martindale

Regarding an Inspiring Yukon Woman in 1913

He married an Indian woman who is without question the handsomest woman of her race that I have yet seen… She is an adept with the rifle, is skilled in trapping, in tanning hides, and in…