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JusTea Farmers

JusTea partners directly with Kenya tea farmers to bring you ethically sourced, sustainable, fair trade tea that is bursting with natural, organic ingredients. Since 2012, JusTea has been working with the Nandi Hills community to establish Kenya’s first-ever Artisanal Tea Cottage Factory. This small specialty factory develops and processes unique teas that have never been seen before: Purple, Green, Oolong and Black artisanal teas.


JusTea LogoDelightfully delicious and packaged in color-coordinated uniquely-shaped boxes, these teas make wonderful gifts for your tea-loving family and friends. Each box contains 15 pyramid-shaped tea bags that yield 30 cups of piping hot tea.


Purple Tea: Powerful Antioxidant



JusTea’s purple teas yield beautiful, vibrant teas with hints of sweet plums and fresh spring greens. Purple teas are processed from purple leaves that contain anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants found in blueberries and pomegranates. Anthocyanins help to lower cholesterol, improve immune health, and help as a natural anti-inflammatory. JusTea offers purple tea in these delicious flavors: Purple Rain, Purple Mint and Purple Jasmine.

Additional Flavors

JusTea African ChaiChoose from these additional flavors offered at Martindale’s:

  • Chamomile Cleanse
  • Kenyan Earl Gray
  • Mt. Kenya Black
  • African Chai
  • African Breakfast
  • Peppermint Detox
  • Little Berry Hibiscus



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