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celebrate 150 years in business

Why is Martindale’s Celebrating 150 Years?

Martindale’s Natural Market enjoys the distinction of being known as the 1st health food store in the country. Newly formed, Oil City, PA was the original location of the market’s founding in 1869. Now located in…

Variety of fresh olives and raw nuts

Plant Based Fats for the Heart

Is it true that eating plant-based mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) is healthier than eating animal-based MUFAs? To answer this question, doctors conducted a long-term study of 93,378 men and women who filled out detailed food questionnaires…

Hazelnuts Still Life

Hazelnuts Boost Magnesium and Vitamin E

Do you like nuts? If you want a change of nutty taste, try hazelnuts. Also known as filberts, these sweet, buttery, crunchy gems are loaded with essential vitamins and healthy fats. For example, a single, one-ounce…