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High Hopes for Hemp

On December 20, 2018, the United States Congress passed the Farm Bill, finally legalizing the commercial production of hemp. With the stroke of a pen, nearly 50 years of prohibition of growing one of the most…

Dale picks the winner of the Vitamix

Dale Picks the Vitamix Prize Winner

May 4th – A Day to Remember May 4th, 2019 was a great day for Martindale’s! Not only was it Customer Appreciation Day with savings throughout the store, but we also had a morning party. The…

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Customer Appreciation Day Coming Soon

Saturday, May 4th 10% More – Discount Day Saturday, May 4th, is our designated Customer Appreciation Day! There will be huge savings throughout the store all day. Over and above big savings from our top brands,…


Nutritional Visionary – Thomas C. Martindale

Thomas C. Martindale, our store founder’s son, was a pioneer in health and wellness; Philly’s own nutritional visionary. Decades before Dr. Oz, Richard Simmons, or even Jack LaLanne, Thomas C. imported unique dietetic foods for his…

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Prizes, Prizes, Prizes – Our Anniversary Giveaway

Founded in 1869, we are known as the country’s first health food store. We will celebrate our 150th year anniversary this spring with an in-store random drawing Giveaway of cool prizes from our many sponsoring partners.…

Variety of fresh olives and raw nuts

Plant Based Fats for the Heart

Is it true that eating plant-based mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) is healthier than eating animal-based MUFAs? To answer this question, doctors conducted a long-term study of 93,378 men and women who filled out detailed food questionnaires…

Hazelnuts Still Life

Hazelnuts Boost Magnesium and Vitamin E

Do you like nuts? If you want a change of nutty taste, try hazelnuts. Also known as filberts, these sweet, buttery, crunchy gems are loaded with essential vitamins and healthy fats. For example, a single, one-ounce…

selection black seed oil

Weight Loss with Black Seed

Black seed, known as black cumin seed, and a host of other names has been favorited around the world and the fans are increasing. Why? In particular, studies focused on weight loss, accomplished by means of…

soy candle

Nine Naturals to Make You Glow

Don’t fake your glow with toxic products that hurt you and your dwelling. Here are nine natural products that will make you glow — inside and out! Polish your sheen with healthy ingredients. These are perfect for…

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