Saving the Next Generation

Martindale’s happily sent a small delegation to attend Delaware County Pregnancy Center’s gala banquet this past October. The pregnancydelco pregnancy center in Chester gala event benefit center, DCPC, does good work right in nearby Chester – our own backyard. Entertainment and dinner were served up with panache to financially support the community nonprofit as a fundraiser. To be sure, the owners of this store donate to good causes in our community and this recipient certainly is deserving. Here’s why.


Delaware County Pregnancy Center at Work

Everyone knows unplanned pregnancies happen, perhaps to you or someone you know. In the real world unprepared women, and also their men, tear themselves apart with the decisions to be made. Am I really pregnant? How will I care for the child? Surely, too many questions abound. With this in mind, preborn babies are vulnerable. The pregnancy center’s very existence is to assist female clients towards a live birth and contribute practical help to ensure healthy families.

Folks at this faith-based ministry come alongside hurting individuals, listen carefully, and offer step-by-step options for solutions. Services are free and confidential, of course.

Here’s what they do at the pregnancy center:

  • pregnancy testing
  • ultrasound imaging
  • options pregnancy counseling speaker Destiny Diggs executive director DCPC
  • parenting education
  • pregnancy support and friendship
  • post-abortion counseling
  • professional and financial mentoring


A New Vision

DCPC’s new executive director, Destiny G. Diggs, gave an inspiring presentation with her unique perspective. She hopes to see more tangible help for young female clients as funds permit. Furthermore, she wants to take all of us with her in her vision for this.

Dale Reece, an owner of Martindale’s, attended with Debbie Formica, an employee at this store. Both were very moved and would like Destiny’s ideas implemented for the benefit of hurting individuals in Chester. Surely, Delaware County Pregnancy Center is working to save the next generation and build healthy families. Martindale’s is glad to have a small part in it.

DCPC is looking for mission-driven volunteers to join the work.