Good Food Month Comes to Springfield

October is Good Food Month 2021. It was only a matter of time before NonGMO Month, Fair Trade Month, and National Seafood Month combined into one. A proactive stance on food purity and ethical practices starts with knowledge. Martindale’s shoppers get this. While each of these nonprofit organizations may overlap a bit, the mission is important to all of us.


Best known is the grassroots effort to label genetically modified food. The need for this is critical considering the history of genetic engineering in our country.


Throughout the market are food and household products sporting the Verified NonGMO Project seal and butterfly reminding all of us to choose natural food. Entrepreneurs and large conglomerates alike agree to standardized scrutiny to determine if the product has been genetically engineered. Rigorous processes are examined from seeds to soil to finished product. If the tiniest misstep occurs, then no Project verification is given. And the scrutiny continues during the life of the product.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Month endeavors to protect the livelihood of indigenous entrepreneur farmers around the world. They do this by supporting and fostering ethical relationships between Western businesses and growers. Coffee, tea, and cacao are some of the crops but there are others. Keeping people honest and respectful of farmers around the world is the mission.
Find fair trade herbs, spices, and more on our shelves with the fair trade icon.

Ocean Friendly sustainable salmon, tuna, seafoodDuring National Seafood Month, the Marine Stewardship Council is encouraging shoppers across the United States to make sure the seafood they choose is good for families and the ocean, too. Tuna, cod, salmon and shrimp products with the MSC blue fish certification seal indicate eco-friendly products. Look for the blue fish icon indicating a clean seafood product, safe for people and planet.


We encourage all our shoppers to support Good Food Month first with your brain as you understand the need for clean food, body, and ocean. Then, support food purity with your wallet. Look for a nonGMO verification, fairly traded seal, and sea-safe fisheries seal in October and every month.