Java Joe – Moving On

It’s been almost 20 years and Joe is retiring! You may know him as “the coffee guy” because his expertise with all things coffee has served our customers for many years.

java Joe

Joe, as the coffee buyer, has culled through the many coffee products available to find only the truly organic coffee options we have on our shelves today. You would be surprised how many coffee roasters and wholesalers say they’re “organic” but do not have the required certifications required by law. We sell only certified organic coffee such as The Coffee Scoop, Tierra Farms, Cafe Kreyol and others. There is no other “kind” of organic coffee.


As the coffee server, Joe perfected the art of coffee sampling. Here is how he does it: he starts with the right grind for that specific coffee bean variety. Each bean is calling to you to grind it at the proper coarseness to avoid bitterness or the opposite extreme: dishwater flavor. Over the years he has advised many on how to grind coffee.


Thousands of folk have enjoyed a great cup of free coffee brewed and sampled up by Joe himself. He has answered questions regarding the unique flavor notes of each coffee, regarding country of origin and flavors to look for and where on the tongue to find them. He will be missed.


Others will remember his great customer service throughout the store and at the cash register. His genuine interest in people prompted many a conversation.


Thank you, Joe, for great java and joy you have brought to Martindale’s. Happy Retirement!