Prediabetic? Think Zinc

growling tigerThe country of Bangladesh has one of the lowest zinc deficiencies in its soil in all of Asia. No wonder the people are poor. Crops cannot be grown without this vital mineral.


The same is true for you. We all need zinc to thrive. The body needs zinc to efficiently use insulin, metabolize carbs, and protect insulin-producing beta cells from inflammatory damage.


In a recent study, doctors gave 55 pre-diabetic people 30 mg of zinc sulfate per day or a placebo. The study was done in Bangladesh. In the United States, we find an abundant flow of zinc in our foods. These would include grass fed beef, lamb, mushrooms, pumpkin and sesame seeds, lentils and garbanzos, and cashews. In this case, a supplement was used to do research.


After six months, those taking the zinc saw fasting blood sugar levels decrease by 5.76 mg/dL, bringing readings from pre-diabetic levels back into the normal range. Doctors also measured pancreatic beta-cell function, insulin sensitivity and resistance, all of which improved in the zinc group.


This just goes to show us the importance of each and every mineral in our soil, no matter how minute, to contribute to health and wellness.