Take Care of Our Earth

Earth Day 2015Earth Day. This means the whole earth: sky, clouds, trees, grass, dirt and all that lives here. Let’s consider the dirt.

The dirt on planet earth is alive with life. Usually. Earthworms, microbes, bacteria and minerals compose the earthly “black gold” we grow our food supply in. If given the right food, it generously gives back to us. This could mean feeding our cultivated earth with rotted leaves, horse manure, and compost. Decomposition occurs and a rich resource for farmers to grow our food is born. Historically speaking that is.

Feeding our earth with junk food yields poor quality results. Force feeding the earth on a one-track nutrient binge creates second rate veggies. This mono-nutrient method of farming requires selecting varieties of fruit and vegetables that can endure such rough treatment. Harsh pesticides and crop dusting add further insult.

Far better to lovingly craft a farmer’s garden organically with a full-orbed diet of living earth. Encourage unique varieties of produce that travel locally to complete their life’s mission: to nourish. Local, living, fresh produce feeds us back. No gmo’s are needed or wanted.

Let’s work in harmony with creation and care for the earth.