Apple Crunch Day Apples

It’s time for Apple Crunch Day at Sabold Elementary School. Martindale’s Natural Market loves to provide the apples! They’re organic, of course. Apple Crunch Day organic apples were donated by Four Seasons Distributor, Paradise Farms, and Martindale’s Natural Market, together.


Beautiful organic apples have arrived right from the farms and in the back door at Martindale’s. Farmers have been lovingly growing these apples all season long until they were finally ripe to pick. They were packed gently into boxes and sent to Martindale’s.


Terry, the Produce Manager at Martindale’s, carefully managed all details concerning getting the apples for Apple Crunch Day. Red, yellow and gold colors adorn crisp, juicy Gala apples. Terry and Martindale’s Natural Market are happy to have a part in helping our local children learn the joys of eating healthy. We know the kids will love them!