Healthy Coffee

Scientists first discovered antioxidants in green coffee beans in 1988 but worried that roasting could destroy them. Researchers in this study found that roasting, aging, grinding, and brewing coffee produces a different class of antioxidants that appear to be beneficial as well. We’re talking about healthy coffee.


Coffee drinkers tend to drink it every day. That’s why this research is so important. If we’re going to ingest that much of a substance, isn’t it important to learn if it’s harming us?

coffee beans that are healthy

Other considerations in choosing your coffee include care for the planet and environment. Shade grown coffee beans help preserve the delicate regions in rainforest territory.


Organic coffee not only tastes as natural as can be, but it is also free of harmful metals, pesticides, and fertilizer sprays. Organic coffee is foundational in your search for the very best coffee. Look for the USDA Organic seal or another reputable organic certifier. Just because a small roaster says its organic, doesn’t mean it is. Third-party certification keeps us all honest.


Lastly, fairly traded coffee beans can be a means to share the profits with small-time coffee farmers. Shouldn’t they get enough to run a sustainable farm?


From antioxidants to fair trade, and all the steps in between, love your coffee as pure as can be. Drinking coffee can be a healthful part of a natural foods diet. Just consider how to make sure your cup holds healthy coffee!