More Vitamin E for Millennials

MillennialsAre you a millennial? You are probably low in Vitamin E.

Nearly 9 out of 10 people age 20 to 30 were low in this vital nutrient in a recent study.

Recently, a large study done on Americans found that most are lacking this vitamin. After all, you can’t manufacture it yourself. You have to consume it. For four years 7,922 people were followed. The study found that those who relied solely on food as a source had inadequate levels of vitamin E. Does this describe you? Those who took supplements in addition to diet had adequate levels. Surprise!

Those participants who were age 31 – 50 showed E deficiency at the rate of 7 out of 10. And older participants age 51 and older were short of the nutrient 4 out of 10 times. Millennials, I’m talking to you!

Doctors noted after the study that Vitamin E plays an important role in protecting cell membranes from free radical damage, and that adequate levels may extend life, help maintain cognitive function, and help ensure healthy reproduction. All of which are key protections that millennials especially need.

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