Freedom Outreach Builds Relationships

Freedom Outreach is a faith-based ministry to inner-city Wilmington that prioritizes relationships. We’ve chosen to donate at a time when appearances would say that so much divides us. Yes, it is prudent to remember that we are all one people created by God under heaven. We were made for a better place than that which is seen around us. Our hearts confirm this. We look to the heavens, from which our help comes.

relationship building in the inner city


The pain and suffering of racism, police brutality, and rioting rock our nation. We denounce each of these.


Our nation’s conversation with itself must include listening to our African American neighbors, coworkers, church members, and leaders. Certainly, with a determined focus on the goal of respect and understanding, we can all overcome any selfish tendencies.


Building Relationships

As a result of this current season of intense contemplation, Martindale’s will be supporting the good work of a Christian, faith-based ministry in Wilmington: Freedom Outreach. Their programs impact over 100 children in Wilmington’s inner city. We appreciate that relationship building is their main priority. These relationships equip and release people to be all they were created to be. The attraction of this program for Martindale’s was the positive impact occurring in the lives of our neighbors. This ministry fosters joyful success in real families.


Practical Help

Under the outreach direction of Kezza Jackson, one-on-one and group mentoring encounters are key. Teens in small groups can speak freely in a caring environment. Children from these families experience birthday cakes, BBQs in the park, Easter egg hunts, and beach trips with committed volunteers, parents, and leaders. Additionally, volunteers provide homework help, food, and clothing so all needs are adequately addressed.

sharing artistic skills with inner city kids

Freedom Outreach math tutoring



Fostering Love

In a largely African American community moms can study the Bible and relationships grow and change as a result. Each week people of different backgrounds and races eat meals and worship together as one. The community interaction fosters love and promotes loving bridges where none may have existed.




Martindale’s wants to see more of this important work already in progress at Freedom Outreach. We can and will stand beside them because we want to be a part of this birth story, looking and longing for a new and better world.


When you shop at Martindale’s, a portion of profits go to worthy causes like this one. Thank you for being a part of it!