Zotter Chocolate

Explore the delicious world of Zotter Chocolate. For approximately 30 years, this family-owned Austrian company has won multiple awards for its unique chocolate creations. Zotter Chocolate only uses organic, fair-traded cocoa beans in its production process. This ensures that the chocolate has a rich flavor. In addition to using high-quality ingredients, all its production processes are in-house. This allows them to control their chocolate’s quality from “Bean to Bar.”


What is Bean-to-Bar production?

It means that every step of processing raw cocoa beans takes place in one location. In the case of Zotter Chocolate, the location is a Creative Centre for Chocolate that covers more than 5,200 square meters. Their cocoa beans are cleaned, roasted, crushed, milled, and conched to create a high-quality chocolate bar.

Bean-to-bar chocolate also encourages careful sourcing of cocoa beans and specialized processing for each variety. Much like coffee, chocolate expresses different flavor notes and characteristics depending on the region where it is grown, and the farming practices used to produce it. Roasting times and temperatures vary depending on the different types of cocoa beans, so their unique aromatic characteristics are enhanced through the roasting process.


Hand-Scooped chocolate bars are crafted Layer by Layer

organic fair-trade chocolate

Josef Zotter invented hand-scooped chocolate, created in layers by hand. The word “scoop” also represents the innovation in hand-scooped chocolate bars. A masterly combination of ingredients produces a wide variety of original chocolates.

Their bean-to-bar chocolate process unfolds as the chocolate is spread and rolled out very thinly on 15-meter tracks. At the same time, assorted fine fillings and ganaches are prepared using over 400 organic ingredients. As soon as the chocolate has cooled down, it is topped with the filling. Before the next layer is applied, it has to rest. Depending on the recipe, this process will be repeated several times. Sometimes rum-soaked raisins, nuts, or fruity chocolate flakes are scattered over the layers. A thin chocolate coating is spread on top, and then this gigantic piece of chocolate is cut into bars. These chocolate treasures travel to the cooling tunnel and straight to the wrapping station, where Andreas H. Gratze’s beautiful drawings await to envelop each bar.


Organic, Fair-Trade & Sustainable

Zotter Chocolate only uses organic cocoa beans and raw sugar cane that they purchase directly from small farms. In addition to preserving local cultures, using organic ingredients enhances the flavor of their chocolate because they don’t use preservatives or artificial flavoring.

Using fair-traded ingredients is very important to them, too. They don’t want to contribute to the exploitation of labor that’s all too often involved in the chocolate-making process. Zotter wants farmers to have fair wages and good working conditions, which is why they only use fair-trade ingredients.

Zotter Chocolate uses cocoa butter instead of palm oil, ensuring they don’t contribute to the deforestation related to palm oil production. They also use milk from alpine farms, which is a more humane and sustainable option than factory farms.

Depending on the specific chocolate bar they are making, Zotter also adds other delicious ingredients to the mixture. The genuine Bourbon vanilla they use in their chocolate is the second most expensive spice in the world. Zotter always uses quality ingredients because, to them, it’s worth it! All of these quality ingredients really make a difference in the flavor of their unique chocolate creations.


Chocolate for Many Dietary Needs

Zotter Chocolate is dedicated to making delicious chocolate for everyone to enjoy. They offer a wide range of chocolate bars, including vegan and lactose-free options so everyone can indulge in their sweet treats. They also have sugar-free chocolate for those with special dietary needs. Zotter’s Chocolates are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Zotter Chocolate has a Bar for Everyone

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to chocolate. Some like it sweeter, and some like it bitter. Zotter caters to everyone’s unique palate by processing various cocoa beans and preparing them in different ways to bring out each flavor. From rich Dark Chocolate Mousse to tangy Yuzu Citrus, Zotter has a chocolate bar for everyone. So stop by Martindale’s today and explore the wide selection of Zotter Chocolates.