Philly Cheese Steak With Local Beef

A visit to the Philadelphia area wouldn’t be complete without indulging in Philly Cheese Steak. Choose local, high quality, hormone-free beef from our farmers in Lancaster County and make it yourself. It’s easy!



Grass-fed beef steak from Lancaster hormone-free cows, thinly sliced

sliced onion or two

Olive oil

Salt, pepper, garlic powder

Italian crusty rolls

Provolone cheese

Optional toppers: sauteed mushrooms, sweet peppers, hot peppers, marinara sauce, hot sauce, ketchup



  1. Add sliced onions to a hot oiled pan over medium heat. Sauté for about 8 minutes or until golden, stirring occasionally. Remove.
  2. Slice and lightly oil the rolls.
  3. Add local beefsteak and brown on high heat using the same pan to absorb luscious flavor. Apply seasonings as desired. When almost cooked through, add onions back in and mix it up for another minute or two.
  4. Place cheese on top of rolls.
  5. Pile on the hot meat mixture.
  6. Adorn with optional toppers.


Recipe by Debbie F

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