Reducing Food Waste at the Rabbit Rescue

Right here in Delaware County is an animal rescue lovin’ on rabbits. For sure the rescue cares for other critters, too. However, overlooked bunnies have first place in their hearts. Martindale’s now donates produce scraps to our local Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue in Drexel Hill. Together, we feed rabbits and reduce food waste.


Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue

Sweet Pea the paralyzed rabbit

Sweet Pea

Martindale’s recently met with the shelter’s founder, Steph Jankowski, along with a Kate, a volunteer. They explained that too often well-meaning people adopt a couple of rabbits believing they’re both of one sex. Eventually, realization occurs. Suddenly, there are way too many rabbits for the family to keep. That’s when Ghandi’s Refuge steps in.

Proper daily care and medical attention are a way of life for the resident bunns. For example, this tan-haired cottontail goes by the name Sweet Pea. An inability to hop precipitated her arrival at a DC shelter. Her care included the identification of a spinal fracture. Even though she is largely paralyzed, she makes strides through acupuncture, PT, and her custom wheelchair.

Martindale's produce donations to rabbits

Fig the Rabbit

Yet another situation was that of lady Fig a New Zealand white breed. “Why isn’t she white?” you may ask. Cosmetics testing stained her coat pink. The rescue took in a trio of them from a massive rescue of 37 from a lab situation. Wouldn’t you like to adopt Fig?

Lastly, Lola is the adorable black-and-white. The mini rex with velvety fur surrendered to shelter life at the Lancaster SPCA and was passed along. Gotta’ love rabbits!


Feed the Bunns

Every day Martindale’s culls the worst appearing produce off of our sales floor. It could be a bruise here, wilt there, or a spot anywhere. Needless to say, it must go. Substandard fruit and veg is not allowed to live here. They are either sold or culled away. Organic fruits and vegetables look so awesome each day with a little help! No wonder we have an award-winning organic produce department.

Lola the mini rex eating scrap organic produce


Martindale’s believes in promoting a sustainable environment. In this regard, we want to help reduce food waste. The staff is behind it and are eager to support the endeavor. Consistent with our store mission, we are pleased to donate culled produce scraps to help feed the rabbits at Ghandi’s Refuge Animal Rescue.

See photos and learn more at their active Facebook page. The refuge is located in Drexel Hill, PA. There’s a rabbit there who needs a good home. Perhaps it’s yours.